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Tokyo Shinbun newspaper, evening edition, November 9, 1999.

Venture Company Founded from Tokyo University's Akamon Gate

Dr. Miyoshi's Insight, Inc.
Friendly Simulation Environment to a Design Engineer
Photo:Dr. Miyoshi(at right) and his engineering software, photo taken at Tokyo University's IML.

Tokyo University's Intelligent Modeling Laboratory which helps promote new venture business in Japan gave birth to a first venture company late last month. Dr. Akio Miyoshi(age 43) who got a Dr. Eng. degree at the department of Quantum Engineering and Systems Science, the University of Tokyo in September founded Insight, Inc. in Itabashi, Tokyo. He is the CEO and the invested capital of 6,700 K yen Includes that of his family and his friends.

The product is a user support/education system for engineering simulation software. When a design engineer new to a simulation software tries to performs design analyses, the software gives him/her an easy to understand instructions showing the procedure step by step. "In near future, I hope to make it downloadable from my web page. This kind of software has been available to limited population of engineers such as those with big manufacturing companies. I hope to distribute my product with a low price so that engineers at small works can benefit from the software.", said Dr. Miyoshi about his dream.

Dr. Miyoshi got his B.Eng. and M.Eng. from the department of Nuclear Engineering(currently called the department of Quantum Engineering and Systems Science) of the University of Tokyo. His work experience Includes that with the aerospace division of an automobile company. He took a leave of absence and became a doctor's student three years ago.

The suggestion of Prof. Genki Yagawa, his adviser, also helped him make up his mind to start a business using his research result.

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