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Ver. 0.7beta (2005/08/19)


Currently the following products are available for download.
means the product was released/updated within two months.

Download Meshman_Viewer

■ Introduction

Meshman_Viewer is a free mesh viewer running on Windows and on Linux.
Linux version was tested on Red Hat 7.1, 7.2 and 9.
On other distribution, no tests were performed.

Choose a download page which is appropriate for your computer environment.

■ Version

Current latest version is Ver. 0.7 Beta.

■ Download

Download Meshman_Viewer Ver. 0.7 beta on MacOSX

About Java 3D on Mac OS X
On Mac OS, it is not allowed to distribute Java3D which is used inside Meshman_Viewer with the installer. You have to download and install it following the instructions at this site. Click a 'Download' button in this page.

Download file size: 4.6 MB
Released on: 2005/8/24

Download Meshman_Viewer Ver. 0.7 beta on Linux (If you download by Internet Explorer)
Download Meshman_Viewer Ver. 0.7 beta on Linux (If you download by Mozilla/Netscape)

( If you download the Linux version by Internet Explorer, uncompress it by gunzip after you download the installer. )
( The file size for Netscape is much larger than that for Internet Explorer.
If you can use gunzip, we suggest you to download the file for Internet Explorer. )

Download file size: 33.6 MB(IE), 50.7 MB(Netscape/Mozilla)
Released on: 2005/8/19

Download Meshman_Viewer Ver. 0.7 beta on Windows

Download file size: 24.7 MB
Released on: 2005/6/10



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